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 Office of National Secuirty Designated 48 Disaster prone areas. Mainly in Creeks, Bays and Deltas
Coastal flood sites • Kroo Bay and White Man’s Bay environs; • Susan’s Bay; • Madina and Mafenbe, back of RSLAF Headquarters; • Mabella; • Congo Town; • Kanikey (back of cement factory and Race Course Cemetery and environs).
Inland flood sites • Lumley/Babadorie/Amadu Lane areas; • Wilkinson Road–Cockerill–Indian Temple; • Congo River (Tengbeh Town to Congo Bridge); • Main Motor Road Brookfield–King Harman Road Junction, and Bright Street–King Harman Road Junction; 
• Hill Cot Road bridge and immediate vicinity; • Samba Gutter, Ministry of Works compound on to Joaque Bridge • Pultney Street–Siaka Stevens Street junction; • Eastern Police–Annie Walsh roundabout; • Mountain Cut–Kissy Road Junction; • Africanus Road on to former Shell Company, Kissy; • Ashobi Corner–Blackhall Road; • Banana Water, Oloshoro; • Pademba Road–Mends Street–Dundas Street junction; • Fire force–Circular Road–Macauley Street junction;  • Berry Street (Model)–Circular Road junction
Environmental Assessment and Evaluation of Natural Disaster Risk and Mitigation in Freetown Report.

Between September and December 2017, participants in the ESD MSc practice module developed six policy briefs that together offer a comprehensive city-wide analysis of how different hazards converge on the reproduction of risk accumulation cycles. Their research has benefited from invaluable insights from Braima Koroma, Joseph McCarthy, Alexander Stone,  Suleiman Kamara, and Sudie Sellu at SLURC, and Emmanuel Osuteye, Donald Brown, Julia Wesely,  Andrea Rigon, Julian Walker, Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Pascale Hofmann and Diana Salazar, among others at the DPU. Through their research, the students identified and examined a vast body of information that is now available online at the SLURC Resource Unit. Each of the six policy briefs are available to download below:


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