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Freetown Municipal Infrastructure. Ward-Level PLanning and Capital Improvements

LE Group team member have developed their understanding of critical Infrastructure needs and challenges for typical equator towns and cities with an abundance of primary resources (Water, Wind and Sun). This was gained through investigation and assessments over a sustained period of activities in the region. This knowledge is central to the teams sustainable strategies to harness these resources supported by the current explosion of knowledge and related technologies.

An Eco-Friendly municipal infrastructure should be about simplified  designs that seeks to bundle available and accessible engineering knowledge in the cloud. The subsequent operations should be based on the ease of data acquisition and dissemination over the internet between providers and customers. The operational objective would be to continually improve parameters within the matrix below.

Freetown's Ward-level Municipal Planning and Capital Improvements

Western Area Peninsula "Green Line" Policy and Strategy

Infrastructure Quality of Resource Service Data Acquisition
Source and Haversting Surveying and Protection Extent and Grade Harvesting
Storage and Retention Surveying and Volumetric Capacity Degradation Maintain Value
Transportation and Transmission Access and Right-of-Ways Contamination Efficiency
Distribution and Collection Piping and Metering Contamination Accounting
User and Usage Education and Apps Quality of Life Compliances

LE Group's principal and associates have reviewed numerous infrastructure successes and failures since the pre-independence years. Introducing knowledge creation and conversion into the infrastructure development process will provide invaluable and timely information for decision makers. This strategy will enable an equator city like Freetown and it surrounding towns to meet their collective challenges and provide the much needed infrastructure. The decision makers (officials and investors) in and outside of the country.




Construction plans


Copper equipment