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Sierra Leone. Western Area Peninsula

Freetown's Green and Smart City Planning Initiative



Western Area Environment


Cultural-Specific Planning and Civil Infrastructure Plans
City's Architecture, Engineering and Construction Growth Plans

The establishment of an eco-friendly physical infrastructure plans for the city of Freetown and its environs is necessary to acheive improved living standards. The development of critical infrastructures and the operations of their derived services must be based on engineered plans that account for demands across the city and towns of the Western Area Peninsula. This will ensure a sustainable eco-system in the peninsula. History shows that the City of Freetown has benefited from foresight in planning three times since its founding in 1787.


LE Group Ltd is an emerging firm of engineers and professionals organized to deliver these range of planning services in City of Freetown, surrounding towns and villages that constitute the Western Area Peninsula. Acheiveing liveable in these equator city andtowns and cities will impact the world postively.




 Countries at the Equator are located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn: Located at 23.5 degrees North and 23.5 degrees South of the Equator, this area of Planet Earth (between those two lines) is known as the "Tropics," and is colored with a lighter blue color on the globe. This area experiences no dramatic change in season because the sun is consistently high in the sky throughout the year.





Turn Community's Infrastructure Challenges into Opportunities

LE Group Ltd, registered in Sierra Leone, is a consulting engineering firm whose engineers and infrastructure professionals have been delivering strategic services to private and public stakeholder entities within the critcal sectors(energy, water, sanitation, transportation and communication) since 2008.


Service to Community 

LE Group Ltd has its roots in the quest by the Diaspora Professionals for an infrastructure development paradigm that can overcome the challenges of outmoded and vertical management structures within the critical sectors.

Delivering durable infrastructure for towns and cities requires among political committments, knowledge management by Consulting Engineers and Infrastructure Professionals.




Service to Government Entities and National Institutions

 LE Group is committed to promoting new infrastructure investment in towns around the equator regions that are planned and implemented successfully with limited vertical management strategies.

In addition, knowledge creation must be incorporated within critical sectors as a means to develop capacity in project planning, project implementation, services delivery and facility maintenance.



Knowledge management in the digital age

LE Group Ltd, through active participation of its engineers within Internet technology initiaitve, is working to apply Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure to deliver on these services.






Service to Investors and Donor Agencies      

LE Group's activities embodies the engineering and development paradigm of: 

  • Durable infrastructure design.
  • Safe construction practice and engineering supervision 
  • Private-Public partnership
  • Knowledge management; creation and conversion
  • Entrepreneural activities under guidance of professional associations 


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